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May 31, 2013
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BTT x Pregnant! Reader: Who's The Dad?
Note: Not going to put a warning on it but it's slightly suggestive but c'mon, it's the Bad Touch Trio! There's gonna be some suggestive things! This is far from a lemon though.
You stare at the test in your hand. You blink hard to see if one of the lines will go away but they don't. You stand up from sitting on the put-down toilet lid. "How will I tell them?" you think then another thought strikes you. Which was the dad?!
*background info time*
You had decided just over two years ago with the three nations known as the Bad Touch Trio that you loved all three of them whole heartedly and they had said that they were fine with sharing you. You'd been intimate with each of them individually a couple of times but most of the time, it was with all three of them at once or at least in the same night. So which one of them was the dad?
*end bgit*
You hear the front door open downstairs and Prussia calling up.
"Frau, ve got vhat you asked us to!"
You take a deep breath. "Ok-ay, thanks! Just put it in the kitchen," you call back down. You curse in your mind. WHY did your voice have to break then?!
You hear them murmuring then coming up the stairs.
"Chica, are jou alright?" asks Spain as he knocks on the door to the bathroom.
"Yeah, just- uh- surprised," you respond truthfully.
"Zurprised 'ow, ma cherie? Let us in, plaire," interjects France.
"Ja, open zhe door, Frau!" You sigh once more trying to calm down. You stand and go over to the door, hide the test behind you, and open the door.
"Vhat's up, Liebling? Vhat are you hiding?" immediately asks the impatient Prussian.
"Give her un momento," Spain tells him then they all just stare at you.
You suck in a breath then blurt out unitelligably, "IjustfoundoutI'mpregnantandweobviouslyhavenocluewhothefatherissooneofyouisgoingtobeadadbutIhavenocluewhichone!" There's a beat of silence.
"Honhon, ma belle, none of us could understand you." You take another deep breath. Why were you so nervous? Well, definately because you didn't know how they would respond.
You open your mouth but can't find your voice so instead you slowly bring your arm from behind you and show them the pregnancy test. They all have the same reaction. They all stare at it, open mouthed, eyes wide. You wait apprehensivly, hand automatically going to your stomach.
There's another dead beat then-
"C'est fantastique! [This is fantastic!]" cheers France.
"Das ist so awesome wie ich! [This is as awesome as me!]," whoops Prussia.
"Esto es absolutamente increíble! [This is absolutely amazing!]," squeals Spain.
They all glomp you at the same time. You gasp for needed breath.
"Air!" you say dramatically.
They loosen their grip some but they all are grinning like idiots.
"You mean you guys don't care that we, well, don't know which of you is the father?" you ask nervously. They all look at each other then begin laughing in their unique ways, filling the air with honhonhon's, keseseses's, and fusosososo's.
"Vhy vould ve care?! No matter vhat ve'll all be their dad!"
"Oui, we shall love zhe child dearly no matter what," agrees France. You feel a smile creep across your face also. You had worried for nothing.
-Time skip
You are now three monthes pregnant and are waiting to get the first photograph of your growing baby. The guys were at a world meeting, which you were excused from today.
"Miss (l/n)? Can you please come with me? The doctor would like to talk to you," says a nurse in pale pink scrubs. You stand and follow, confused. The doctor had said that you'd recieve the picture before you talked more. Oh well. You follow her to a different room and your doctor was actually in there before you (for once).
"Ah, Miss (l/n). Will you please sit down? I was going to send the picture out but- well, I think I should give you a warning before you see it," he says tenatively. Your mind becomes frantic. Was something wrong with your baby? The precious child you already loved as much as your husbands. You nervously sit on the edge of the examination table.
"You seem worried. Well, their's nothing to fret over. I am warning you with a congradulations. So, congradulations Miss (l/n), you aren't having just one baby," he informs you with a smile. It takes you a moment then you're immediatly filled with elation.
"I'm having tiwns?!" you ask, unable to keep the shock and happiness from your voice, assuming.
"Well, no. Not exactly. You aren't having twins, or even triplets for that matter. You're having quadruplets," he tells you catiously. You stop dead in your mental happiness.
"Did I hear you say that right? Did you say I'm having... quadruplets? As in, FOUR babies!" you ask, needing to be positive. He nods nervously. You open your mouth and leave it open as it sinks in. You don't have just one or two miricles inside your abdomen, but four. You abrumptly squeal with pure glee, scaring the doctor.
"This is amazing!!!" you shout. He smiles again. Then picks up a small photograph and passes it over to you. It's a black and white image with four lines and the words baby on it four times.
"Okay, now i can tell you're excited but I will go ahead and tell you a couple important things before you leave. First, you will most likely have stronger symptoms. And second, you will need to expect yourself to be plently larger than the average, considering that you have more than one child developing especially considering you'll be even hungrier. So, keep those in mind, congradulations, and have a good day. I'll have the front desk call tommorrow to set up your next appointment," he tells you then holds the door open for you. You hop down and hurry out to the parking lot, barely waving at the women at the desk.
You get to your car before you squeal again and throw your phone open, dialing the number of the shared phone. (They each have a phone of their own but also one they share just for you.) Prussia answers it.
"Is everyzhing alright, liebe?" he asks worriedly.
"Are Francis and Antonio there, too?" you ask, usuing their human names.
"Hold on a second, here, talk to Spain a moment while I get France to stop choking England long enough," he tells you.
"Hola, amor, what wrong?" Spains voice comes over right after.
"Nothing is wrong. I need to tell you three something you won't believe," you explain.
"Wh- oh, here they are. I'll put jou on speaker."
"What is going on, amour?" repeats France over the noise in the meeting room.
"Hey, can you guys go somewhere quieter?"
-P.O.V. change to the BTT-
"Hey, can you guys go somewhere quieter?" (f/n) requests over thev speaker.
"Bruder, get them all to shut ze h*** up a minute," Prussia directs to Germany, who immediatly yells at everybody. They all become quiet.
"Thank you. Okay, now, don't freak out you guys but... I'm not having A baby, I'm having four!" (f/n) quickly tells them, squealing happily right after. The trio stare at the phone. then at each other, each thinking the same thing. "It worked?! Well, a little to well but it worked!"
Then they were surrounded by other countries congradulating you and them. All the others knew about you four and were happy enough about it.
Germany clears his throat loudly and everybody goes silent. "You zhree may go home to meet (country name). She probably vants you to be zhere."
"Yes! Thank you, Ludwig!" you holler over the phone. He nods and the trio hurries out of the room, in step with each other.
"Ve'll be home soon, (f/n). Ich liebe dich."
"Je t'aime."
"Te amo."
"I love you guys, too!" you said then hung up.
"It vorked! Our awesome plan actually vorked!" exclaims Prussia.
"Oui, but, zhere remains a question,no?"
"Si! We are each fairly sure that we have one, but who has the fourth?" Spain brings forth.
They all think for a minute.
"She didn't -uh- "release" twice ith any of us, so I guess that one of zhe- ...seeds split into two," suggests Prussia.
"Si, that make sense. Jou are actually inteligente, no?" Prussia mock punched Spain shoulder in retaliation.
"Wait, 'ow will we tell (f/n) anout what we did? I don't wish to keep eet from our amour."
"Ja, I don't vant to either. How about ve explain vhen ve get there?"
"Let us hope she won't be to furioso when we tell her."
-Time skip and your P.O.V.-
You're curled up on your sectional couch, just staring joyfully at the picture. You hear the car come up the driveway and three doors slam shut. Running footsteps then they come in and immediately over to you.
"How are you, frau?" asks Prussia, kneeling in front of you. You giggle. Spain goes around Prussia, sits on the couch next to you, then pulls you onto his lap. Prussia moves with you and France sits on your other side.
"It all feels like a dream. The best dream ever," you grin as you say this. They all grin back then share an odd look.  The one that meant that they were hiding something.
"Okay, what secret are you guys keeping?" you accuse. You feel Spain nod behind you and Prussia sighs.
"Vell, liebling, ve need to explain somezhing to you. You see, you didn't naturally get pregnant with quarduplets. Ve kind of planned it," Prussia says. It takes a moment then confusion takes over.
"Okay, properly explain, now," you demand.
"Alright, so, you remember how for about two monthes before ve found out, one of us alvays got you a drink?"
"N- well, actually, yes. I didn't realize it 'til now."
"Vell, zhat's because ve vere kind of slipping you somezhing special..." You feel yourself begin to get angry.
"Gilbert, Francis, and Antonio, WHAT did you do to me?" Prussia gulps then stutters as he continues.
"V-vell, it vas a new z-zhing vhere, if the woman consuming it vas at her "monthly peak", everytime she- um, "released" during ze process required for making babies, she vould most likely release another- uh, seed. So-"
"You mean to tell me, that when I got pregnant, you three PLANNED for me to have multiple children in ONE pregnancy WITHOUT consenting me?" you accused, anger going up to raw fury.
"Vell, ve vasn't sure vhat else to do because it vouldn't be fair if one of us had a child vith you before zhe others. So ve gave it to you everyday, secretly found out vhen your "peak" vould be vith one of zhose special tests, then vell, made sure zhat on zhat night all three of us had fun vith you. As usual, you released vith each of us and ve each released in you so- ja, you know the rest of how it vorks."
You are still full of anger but it's calmed down. They were just trying to be fair. Then-
"Wait, so which of you is the dad to the fourth?" you ask.
"We don't know. Jou must have been fertile enough for one of them to split for a pair of identical twins," explains Spain.
"Or to have produced two 'seeds' ,as Gilrbert put it, with one release," suggests France. You think for a minute.
"I'm still not happy that you did this without consenting me. Did you really think I would say no? I wouldn't have. You guys are right that it's fair. I would've taken whatever it is that you were giving me and known beforehand that I was most likely going to have multiple babies," you tell the softly, a slight smile on your lips.
"I told jou dos that she would be reasonable," Spain brags. By the look Prussia throws him, you know that you're the thing keeping him from tackling the Spaniard. He hates when he's proven wrong. You laugh lightly and they all smile again.
"I love you guys."
"Te amo," Antonio nuzzles your neck.
"Je t'aime," Francis leans in close to your arm and plants small kisses all the way up it.
"Ich liebe dich," Gilbert puts his head on one of your knees and makes small circles on your other thigh. You stifle the oncoming moan. Whilst some women can't stand to be intimate while pregnant, you were the opposite. Yet they hadn't wanted to endanger the babies by doing anything so you'd had absolutely nothing since you'd found out.
"You guys realize that it won't hurt any of them for their Momma to have a little fun," you hint.
"Are you sure?" Spain asks as he begins to lightly kiss your neck.
"Mein Gott, you guys are driving me insane! It won't hurt the babies so please, for the love of-" you begin ranting but are cut off with a sudden kiss from France. In the same moment, Spain goes from kissing to lightly biting ands sucking your sweet spot and Prussia circles higher.
-Le Time skip because I don't want to go into detail and it's time to skip some more monthes-
You're sitting on the couch again though you can't be curled up like last time. You are now past your due date by a week and absolutely HUGE. Along with annoyed. You'd had occasional contractions but the doctor said it was natrual to and that you couldn't judge when you were going to have them based on the contractions.
"Frau, supper's ready," Prussia calls from the kitchen. Much to Spain's and France's dissappointment, you had requested a German dish for supper. Speaking of the two, they come in the living room to help you hobble to the kitchen. They each take a hand. As you stand fully, you feel a sudden release and liquid runs down your leg.
"What's wrong, chica?" Spain asks when you stop moving.
"Gilbert, turn off all of the appliances right now," you command. You hear the click of the stove being shut off.
"Vhat's up?" he calls from the kitchen.
"What's up is you need to get your butt in here and all three of you need to help me get to the car BEFORE contractions start to hit real hard considering my water just broke," you inform them. There's a second of silence then-
"Heilige Scheiße," Prussia curses then goes running up stairs to get the bag you'd prepared almost two weeks ago. Spain and France halfway drag you to the door. Prussia comes flying back down the stairs and holds the door open for the three of you. He runs ahead to get the door of the new van you'd had imported from the United States. It seats 8 people so there's just enough room for the four of you and the babies.
They get you into the back seat, Spain sitting on one side and France on the other while Prussia tosses the bag into the passenger seat and backs out of the driveway as fast as he can manage without it being to hard on you.
-Another time skip because I want to-
You smile at the pale face of one of your babies. Your husbands stand around you each holding one of the others. You'd had three girls and one boy. It was rather obvious who each dad was. The first was Spain's. She had a tanned pigment to her skin and his green eyes, though you hair color. Next was a little boy with blonde hair and you eye color. Then finally, the last two were identical girls. You'd found out immediatly that you must have some albino genes in your blood because both had come out as perfect examples of albinos with pale skin, white hair, and vivid red eyes like their father.
"We still have to name them all, you know," you remind your husbands.
"Hm, 'ow about we three give ze first names and you choose all ze middle names?" suggests Francis, who's feeding his already hungry son. You think for a minute.
"On one condition," you say.
"Which is?" prompts Antonio, who's lightly rocking his little girl.
"That they all have four last names," you say with a smile. France and Spain glance at each other then at Prussia. He doesn't notice though. All he's been able to do since you'd had them was stare at his identical daughters.
"What do zhink, Gilbert?" France asks him. prussia seems to snap out of his trance slightly.
"Jou get to choose the first names of your daughters while we choose them for our kids and (f/n) chooses the middle names. Plus, they'll each have all four last names," explains Spain.
"Sure," he replies simply.
They all think for a minute.
"I think Maria suits her, si?" Spain suggests. You nod.
"Okay, so her middle name is... Teresa," you say with a smile. He grins in response.
"So Maris Teresa- wait, what order for the last names?" You think for a minute.
"Hm, how about the order they came out in so her name is Maria Teresa Carriedo Bonnefoy Beilschmidt (l/n)?" You suggest.
"It iz parfait, perfect," interjects France.
"Okay, now you name the only little boy, Francis." he thinks for a minute also.
"I like ze name Nathan."
"Okay, so about Nathan Alexandre?"
"Parfait, again. Nathan Alexandre Carriedo Bonnefoy Beilschmidt (l/n)." You grin even wider.
"Okay, so, I've got my sweet Maria and handsome Nathan so now it's Prussia's turn. Gil?" you prompt.
"Jessika for this töchterchen, and Jennifer for zhe mädchen you're holding," he replies immediatly. Your grin grows even wider.
"Alright, so how about Jessika Nicole and Jennifer Andrea?" He opens his mouth but can't seem to find his voice so he simply nods. You gesture for them all to come closer and they do.
"I love all three of you and all four of your wonderfully beautiful children."
-P.O.V. change to in the hallway-
The odd assortment of countries watch cautiously through the window. It's Germany, Romano, and Canada who had come first, being the closest brothers of your husbands.
"When will we get to f***ing see them?!" Romano asks, exasperated.
"Vill you calm ze h*** down? Ve vill see zhem soon enough. Let's leave zhem be for now. Zhey vill tell us to come in vhen-" Germany began but suddenly the door opened to reveal Prussia.
"Vhat are you doing out here? Come meet your neices and nephew," he says then goes back in, leaving the door open. They three men go in nervously.
"Lovino, Ludwuig, Matthew, meet Maria, Nathan, Jessika, and Jennifer," you introduce, pointing to each child in turn. They walk further in. They each go to their respective brother. Prussia lets Germany hold Jessika and France lets Canada hold Nathan.
"You're all tíos!" Spain says happily. "Do you want to hold her, Roma?" Romano looks nervous. He glances over to you and you nod, smiling. He makes an akward cradle with his arms and Spain carefully hands her over. Even Romano can't keepo from smiling.
"Ciao, bambino. I'm your Zio Lovino," he says, grining now.

My first time writing with the Bad Touch Trio! I do not own any of the characters or Hetalia. Hope you guys like, and if you tell others about it then it'd make my day :D If somebody asks then I'll continue it!! Thank you and have a nice day!!
EDIT: Someone asked, the sequel is called BTTxReader: Raising Quadruplets :) Enjoy!~

Link to part two: englandamericaitaly.deviantart… 

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